Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Moped

The Razor Pocket Mod (Betty) is one of the best options for a junior. It reminds you of old days with its vintage style. Unlike Razor’s pro scooter, this one is a great option for teenagers and can handle a weight of 170 pounds which is great for an electric scooter. Pocket Mod Electric is one of Razor’s newest electric scooter range. It has a chain based motor with twist grip acceleration control. You get variable speeds and can go as fast as 15 mph. On full charge the range is up to 10 miles (roughly 40 minutes). The tires are sturdy pneumatic large sized 12 inches that absorb nasty shocks and give a smooth uninterrupted ride. It has two 12 volts sealed batteries so essentially 24 volts of rechargeable battery.

+ Great Looking, Vintage design
+ Twist Grip Acceleration control
+ 10 Mile range

The looks a lot like a Vespa and therefore looks vintage. There are plenty of color choices including Betty, Sweet Pea, Navy, Vapor, Hot Red and Pink. Both boys and girls taking this scooter to class or practice.

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